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@WodDoc on #woddocwednesday with a simple yet effective mobility exercise using a foam roller.The mid to upper back holds a lot of tension and can refer pain and dysfunction throughout the body. Knots in this general area can affect shoulder mobility, elbow stability and even wrist mobility. If you find that the roller just isn't getting deep enough, grab one of the #rockballs to attack any specific hotspots.Start by giving yourself a hug and scanning the area from top to bottom, Mid-Back to Upper-Back. Make about 10 to 20 passes, nice and slow. Try not to hold your breathe.3 Variations to help break up adhesions (hotspots)1 – Keep the hug and oscillate (tight, quick rolls) from just above to just below the hot spot.2 – Staticly hold directly over the hotspot with your butt off the ground. Keeping your core tight, reach directly over head maintaining a nuetral spine and continue to breathe. Bring hands back to a hug and repeat 10 to 20 reps. Continue on other hotspots as needed.3 – Keep the hug and rotate side to side accross the hotspot. Keep the core tight and continue breathing. 10 to 20 reps.Perfect for pre or post workout as well as part of an at home corrective exercise program.#rocktape #mobility #rocknroller #movement #jointhemovement #woddoc #strongerlonger

Posted by RockTape on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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